“Mapping motion – Shadow dance” interactive installation

by Iwona Hrynczenko in collaboration with Ioann Maria, Marco Donnarumma.

The Mapping Motion project focuses on the context of dance, choreography, real time performance, interface design, and game development. It is as a visual exploration and a library of physical movements navigable through visual representations and physical motion.

Project investigates possible models, suitable for classifying body movements in a non-linear database for interactive applications based on movement recognition as well as its exploring the intersection between real and digital modes of bodily representations.

Shadow Dance” is a part of this long-term project. An interactive installation, based on audience’s interaction with motion captured corporal movements projected on the screen, built in free graphical programming language Pure Data and presented as a compiled movement on one frame in the web-based gallery.

Installation has been presented at The Dundee Master Show of Media Arts & Imaging (University of Dundee) in September 2009.