Creating content for VJing, Xalapa – September 2008

Creating the content in live video performance

Workshop and talks dedicated to the process of creating a content for live video performance and VJing.
At this workshop I have covered with students the following aspects of content creating and production of original footage for the live video performance:

• Creation of the original content, discussion
• Video camera/camcorder – operating, shooting, capturing
• Post production – review of video editing softwares
• Composition of an animation
• Preparation of video loops focused on conceptualizing the idea of the VJ/audiovisual project
• Review of VJ applications ( introduction to FLxER ).

• Gaining practice in video camera shooting, footage editing and loops composing.
• Gaining practice in translating an original footage into comprehensive piece in real time video performance. Using VJ software and getting familiar with midi-controllers.

The workshop took place on the 5th of September 2008 during the LPM MEX edition at the University of Design and Audiovisual Communication in Xalapa (Veracruz, Mexico).

During the workshop

University of Design and Audiovisual Communication – Xalapa (Veracruz), Mexico