ReOnion – the Burning Man Festival 2011 awarded Interactive Installation

ReOnion is an interactive art installation awarded at the Burning Man Festival 2011 in Nevada, USA.

The installation is a garlic-shape structure reacting the visitor’s resonances with light and projection. The structure is divided into six cabins.

The cabins are covered with UTOPLAST of recycled plastic overlay. The output is defined by the entering visitor and generated by her\his resonances.

ReOnion installation is an initiation ritual to a special physical and virtual space with its own rules. It is a connecting sphere of inside and outside, “me and them”, “you and I”.

The base of the installation is a 20 foot (6 meter) diameter circle. In the center located is a 20 feet/6 meter high steel pillar, which supports the structure and technical equipment. The cabins are built on a 6.5 foot (2 meter) high wooden stage around the pillar. The main room is located around the steel pillar, the visitors have to climb here to enter the cabins.

My part of the project was inside of digital groups of ReOnion: the Audio – Visual one where together with Andi Sztojanovits and Manuel Barrio we were working on live visuals, and in the electronics – the Sensors group where with Dani Feles we were working on heart rate monitor sensor as a tool for participant to control through his body rhythm the live visuals and sound inside of the ReOnion construction.

ReOnion Team
Dani Feles
Andrea Sztojanovits
Péter Debreczeni
Zsolt Ádám
Juli Laczkó
Ioann Maria
Mowgli AKA Manuel Barrio
Gábor Borosi
István Király
Shelly Brown and Gustavo Huber – Carbon Workshop
Gergő Hosszú
László Horvath
Róbert Ilisz